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EFL: Blackburn vs Derby County

Blackburn vs Derby County

The Premier League this season is coming to a tense final stage with teams that have not yet reached their goals. Currently, both Derby County and Blackburn have relegation concerns intact. In which, the situation of Derby County is more serious when they only stand on the relegation group, more than 4 points, but 2 more matches.

Blackburn vs Derby County

Blackburn is 4 points ahead of Derby (same number of matches), so the risk of relegation is still not as high as the opponent. The head-to-head match tonight is therefore more or less the nature of a reverse final. 

With the difference not too large, even with the home advantage, Blackburn's 1/2 handicap is considered quite high because in similar situations, often the home team only accepts 1/4 is the same. 

In addition, if you put in the context of "Roses", having a bad performance at home: did not win the last 7 games to welcome guests in the First Division (lost 4) but still accept 1/2 game This can clearly count on Blackburn.