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EFL: Derby vs Birmingham

Derby vs Birmingham

Derby County is falling without braking and at this time, the homeowner has dropped to 21st place in the standings with 43 points obtained after 43 rounds. At this point, they were only 4 points ahead of the group holding the red light. 

Derby vs Birmingham

This is a not too safe distance because the First Division of England still has 3 more matches to close. The next match with home advantage, they will play determinedly while the away team has successfully blocked the relegation, so it is difficult for the homeowner to win 3 points for themselves.

Birmingham is a name that is not appreciated in this tournament, they are always struggling with the relegation battle and only have a chance to stay in the English first-class playground in the final moments of the season. Currently 43 rounds, the visitors have 49 points and ranked 19th on the rankings at this time, the group is 10 points dangerous, so this team has successfully relegated when there are only 3 The season is over again. With the available comfort, we are confident that the visitors will play well and beat Derby.

The first half of the match in this match is 0.75 with the odds of winning respectively 0.80 for the ball and 1.11 for the faint, the defense of the two teams is highly appreciated at the moment, the two teams will play slowly in the first half. First, the goal will be difficult to appear, so Under will be a reliable choice

The performance of the host is not good when in the last 5 matches they only won 1 win and 4 losses. The last match the home team did not play well when they continued to lose to Preston with a score of 3-0, this is the fourth consecutive match that the home team has to concede defeat. Public goods are not playing well when in the last 5 matches they have scored 4 goals for themselves, while in defense they conceded 9 goals. With my bad performance, the match to the host is difficult to beat Birmingham with a pretty good performance.

The performance of the visitors is quite good when in the last 5 matches they won 3 wins 1 draw and 1 loss. Last match the visitors had a 1-0 victory over Rotherham. This is the 4th consecutive unbeaten match for the away team with 3 wins. Public goods are not playing well when in the last 5 matches they have scored 4 goals, while in defense they conceded 3 goals. With my impressive performances, winning the next match is not a difficult task.