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EFL: Millwall vs Swansea

Millwall vs Swansea

In the first leg, although playing at home, Swansea is only listed by the Asian bookie with a minimum handicap of 1/4.  After that, the Black Swans took a close win 2-1 in a way not many people thought.

Millwall vs Swansea

But when the second leg took place this afternoon, Swansea suddenly received a positive rating from the dealer with the main 0: 0 listing right from the time it was originally announced.  This is a significant step forward from the first leg and the history of confrontation on Millwall so far.

It is important to know that the above index is in the situation where Millwall is in their most impressive form since the beginning of the season with the last 3 consecutive rounds winning and only conceding 1 goal.

With such a rate, the leading football experts in the region appreciate Swansea's ability to win in this match.

The last 4 consecutive home matches have seen Millwall not win and  no longer appreciate them in this match.

Millwall has just spent 4 of the last 6 matches ending with a maximum of 2 goals scored.