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EFL: Nottingham vs QPR

Nottingham vs QPR

The English First Division is in the midst of closing and neither Nottingham nor QPR have a specific goal to strive for. With the comfortable mentality coming from both teams, the upcoming showdown will be worth a look. There, winning to pay tribute to the fans of the home team is the goal both towards.

Nottingham vs QPR


It seems that a trip to Cardiff's mecca will bring many risks for Nottingham, when their opponents are in good shape and are also very hungry to race for the promotion play-off ticket. However, the impressive performance of midfielder James Garner helped Nottingham achieve a 1-0 victory. This result also relieves a series of pressure on the City Ground team. Before defeating Cardiff, Nottingham experienced a series of 6 unbeaten matches, in which they drew 3 and lost 3. Before this match, Nottingham did not win all 3 recent home matches. Currently on the British First Division standings, Nottingham is in 16th place after bringing in 45 points in 39 appearances. They are 10 points ahead of the group holding the red light and don't need to worry too much about the relegation battle. Therefore, It can be said that Nottingham was almost empty of its goals for the rest of the time. This season, Nottingham's defense plays well with only 38 goals conceded. The problem is that their attackers are so bad with only 31 goals. The best evidence is the last 10 appearances, but the Nottingham strikers only opened fire 6 times.


QPR's situation is not that different from its rivals and his goal to return to the Premier League is perhaps at least one more season. After 38 rounds, Coach Mark Warburton and his teacher won 14, drew 11 and received 13 defeats. Thus, with 53 points in hand, the away team is ranked 13th in the standings. They are 10 points behind the promotion play-off group and it is difficult to raise hope in the remaining 8 short rounds. In terms of form, QPR played quite well when it only lost 1 draw 1 and won 3 after the last 5 rounds. On away field, QPR also lost only 1/5 of the last trip away from home. In general, QPR is somewhat superior when put on the table compared to Nottingham. In the first leg, QPR also got a convincing 2-0 victory at home. However, after a total of 20 times as Nottingham's visitors in the past, QPR won only 1 match.