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EFL: Preston vs Norwich

Preston vs Norwich

The time when the English First Division took a break to give up the schedule to the national team was really meaningful for Preston, because this was the time when this team was performing very badly and needed a mental boost. to comeback. However, quite unlucky for coach Alex Neil, when the next round they will face a big challenge called Norwich.

Preston vs Norwich


Rated as a potential candidate with the opportunity to make a surprise in the race to win promotion tickets. However, to the present time, Preston looks to have one more season gone. Through 38 appearances since the beginning of the season, this team has only got 13 wins, 5 draws, while having to receive up to 20 defeats. Currently with 44 points, Preston is ranked 16th in the standings. They really do not have many goals to strive for in the coming stage, when the distance to the group holding the red light is still at a safe level with 9 points. The home team is hoping for a positive result after the last two weeks of vacation. It is important to know that, Preston's last 5 rounds are unbeaten when they draw 1 and receive 4 defeats. Even 3 consecutive defeats recently, Preston's attack was completely dumb. At home, Preston's 8 recent visitors have only won 1 draw 2 and received 5 defeats. In the last 8 matches in the Championship, Preston's only win was over Huddersfield, and at home, they were unable to score in the last 5/10 matches. Obviously this season both Preston's defense and defense are not doing well in their duties. When they only fired 39 goals since the beginning of the season, besides, the defense has conceded 49 times.

Norwich City

Coming to Norwich's story, it is clear that "Canaries" are doing too well in their duties in the English First Division this season. As soon as he fell from the Premier League last season, Norwich gave a very specific plan to overcome the mistakes he had. As a result, teachers and coaches Daniel Farke almost firmly grasped the promotion ticket. After 38 matches played, this team got 25 wins, 8 draws and only 5 defeats. With 83 points available, Norwich are on top of the standings and 8 points ahead of Watford. They are also 14 points ahead of Swansea's 3rd place and even though they have played more than 1 game, it is not a big problem for Norwich, especially when they are performing extremely stable form. Norwich have won 28 out of 30 take-home points in the last 10 matches and have scored 2 or more goals in the last 7/10 matches. In the last 5 matches, Norwich scored 9 goals and conceded only 2 goals, while keeping 3 clean sheets. The last time Norwich failed to score was in February 2021 when they lost 2-0 to Swansea. In their 19 away games in the Championship this season, Norwich have won 13. With a very stable form right now, 3 points for Norwich is the scenario.