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EFL: Rotherham vs Wycombe

Rotherham vs Wycombe

Although they are in the group holding the red light and are the top brightest candidates for the relegation ticket. However, the situation of the two teams is very different, in which Rotherham still has a lot of hope to stay relegated, in contrast Wycombe does not have many bases to stay in the Championship playground after this season. With redundant motivation and still playing at home, Rotherham needs to take advantage of the opportunity to escape a difficult situation.

Rotherham vs Wycombe


The host Rotherham is one of the rookies of the English First Division this season, just being a team that played in League One earlier caused Warne Paul Warne's teachers and students to be underestimated in terms of ability. Therefore, the fact that Rotherham is struggling to move towards the goal of relegation is not a surprising scenario. After 35 appearances, Rotherham only won 10 draws 5 and received 20 defeats. With 35 points available, Rotherham is in the group holding the red light with 22nd place. Although he is 4 points behind the safe group, Rotherham's relegation hope is still extremely wide, because they still have less kick than the opponent. players ranked on up to 3 matches. So, if you make good use of the opportunity, the Aesseal New York team can completely accelerate in the coming time. The problem is that Rotherham's performance is quite bad with only winning 3 and receiving 7 defeats after the last 10 rounds. It is worth mentioning, All 3 wins mentioned above took place on away field. While at home, Rotherham has lost all 4 recent visitors. Therefore, the reception of Wycombe will be a test for the home team's ambition to relegate.


Like his rival, Wycombe made his debut in the English First Division this season as a rookie. Last season Wycombe took the throne in League One and they were also more prized than Rotherham before the tournament kicked off. But to the present time, the performance of teachers and coaches Gareth Ainsworth is really sad. After 39 appearances, Wycombe won 7, drew 9 and received 23 defeats. Only bringing in a meager 30 points makes Wycombe buried at the bottom of the chart. They were 9 points behind the safety group and even played more than 1 match. Thus, Wycombe's relegation hopes were almost entirely theoretical. In recent times, this team has played quite an effort to bring 2 wins and 1 draw in the last 5 appearances. However, that was not enough for Wycombe to escape the current peril.