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EPL: Aston Villa vs West Brom

Aston Villa vs West Brom

Winning West Bromwich in their last encounter with a score of 3-0, plus home advantage in this rematch, Aston Villa has enough grounds to be confident in the next victory, but the visitors are not nonetheless. The opponent is too easy with a stable performance at the moment, so caution is still something that the home team needs to appreciate if you do not want to lose important points in this match.

Aston Villa vs West Brom

Aston Villa - Premier League 

Not winning the last 6/7 rounds in Serie B (4 losses, 2 draws), this sad achievement has caused Aston Villa to fall to 11th place on the chart with a gap of up to 11 points compared to the Top 5 (position play in the European Cup next season) but play less than 1 match. With only 6 matches remaining to end the season, it seems that the chance for the home team of Villa Park to turn the tide is almost no longer there.

The 1-2 defeat against the more highly regarded opponent Manchester City in the 32nd round proves the instability of Aston Villa's performance in recent times, so even facing a weak opponent is West Bromwich in the 33rd round match, but teachers and coaches Dean Smith is very difficult to be confident with a 3-point goal despite owning home advantage in this match.

West Bromwich - Premier League

There has been only 1 victory over Aston Villa in total of 3 encounters since May 2019, so it would be no exaggeration to say that West Bromwich will have to face their dirty opponent in the match In round 33. However, the performance is quite stable recently with 2/3 unbeaten matches along with the decline of the home team Villa Park, helping hope for a beneficial result for the teacher. Coach Sam Allardyce's game in this match was rekindled.

In addition, West Bromwich are also gaining great momentum when the distance between them and the safety team has been narrowed to 9 points, so the goal of bringing 3 points to Aston's away trip. Villa is viable if the visitors enter the game with certainty and maintain absolute concentration throughout the 90 minutes of the game.