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EPL: Leeds United vs Man United

Leeds United vs Man United

This year's Premier League season has only 2 rounds to finish but Manchester United is still 11 points behind Manchester City's top but playing less than 1 game. Therefore, during a visit to Leeds' field in round 33, the task with Solskjaer's teachers and teachers is imperative to win all 3 points if you do not want all hopes for the championship officially closed.

Leeds United vs Man United

Leeds United - Premier League 

Possessing a place in the middle of the standings (10th) after 32 rounds, although this is not a disappointing achievement for Leeds, this team certainly cannot be satisfied with what it can do in season five. now on. The ambition of this season of the Elland Road team is to reach the Top 5, but the performance is not really stable throughout the season, causing coach Marcelo Bielsa's army to soon end hope when the season even ends. not over.

Playing at home in round 33, where Leeds were unbeaten in the last 5/6 matches and had 3 victories among them, so even though they had to face second-place team Manchester United, they still had the certain confidence. Moreover, the visitors will be under pressure to win this match, so the comfortable psychological advantage will also help coach Marcelo Bielsa's team much easier to kick.

Manchester United - Premier League 

The sudden decline in February last with 3/5 unsuccessful matches made Manchester United lose their advantage in the championship race, and then they are 11 points behind Manchester City but with little competition. more than 1 match and the season has only 6 rounds left to finish. Meeting Leeds in round 33 was not too big of a challenge because in the last two encounters, the Old Trafford team left the field with 3 full points.

But remember that this is a match that they must win, so even those who are more appreciated, coach Solskjaer teachers and students will also have a disadvantage in the psychology of the game. Moreover, Leeds' home form is also very stable, so if he does not make good use of the opportunities created to score goals, Manchester United could completely lose points and lose the championship after round 33.