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FNC: PSG vs Angers

PSG vs Angers

Angers has officially relegated early in Ligue 1 and coach Stephane Moulin and his teachers will do their best to create earthquakes in the French National Cup. Although he excelled until the quarterfinals, but the upcoming opponent was called PSG. Obviously, this is a challenge that is too difficult for Angers to overcome, especially when they have to be a guest on Parc des Princes.

PSG vs Angers


In general, PSG still has many opportunities to make the historic treble this season. In the Champions League playground, coach and coach Mauricio Pochettino had tickets to the semi-finals after excellently defeating Bayern Munich. The next rival of the French giant will be Man City, a name that is also very ambitious in the continental arena. In the middle of next week PSG will welcome representatives from the Premier League in the first leg. Thus, it is likely that this team will give a few pillars rest in the upcoming Angers clash. Especially when in the Ligue 1 playground, PSG is still having trouble. Over 33 rounds, they brought themselves 69 points and are ranked 2nd in the standings with 1 point worse than Lille. Losing the throne in the domestic playground is impossible regardless of the circumstances. So PSG must have reasonable plans because in the French National Cup they have also entered the quarterfinals. The performance of PSG in the domestic tournaments has not been really stable recently, even when they received the last 5 times, they only won 1 and received 4 defeats.


In the Ligue 1 playground, the name Angers is not appreciated for its strength. However, teachers and coaches, Stephane Moulin, always know to maintain a necessary stability. Currently with 41 points after 33 rounds, the visitors seem to have relegated early and they do not have too many goals to strive for. With 12th place in the standings and 12 points behind the European Cup group, Angers will definitely strive to search for a title in the French National Cup. Remember, in the last 5 appearances in Ligue 1, Angers were unsuccessful when they drew 2 and lost 3. A few days ago they lost to the Rennes 0-3 at home, even Angers lost 4/5 close rounds. and only opened fire once at the time mentioned above. In the French National Cup playing field, Angers defeated their junior opponent Sedan to advance to the quarterfinals. However, at the moment, it is difficult for Angers to have tickets to participate in the semi-finals.