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ITALIAN SERIE A | Sunday, 18 April


With the current 5th place, Napoli is in the group with the opportunity to participate in the European Cup next season, but the 5-point gap compared to the 7th ranked team AS Roma is making the fans of the San Paolo home team feel extremely worry. Therefore, teachers and coaches Gattuso need a victory over annoying rival Inter Milan in round 31 to reassure their fans, but remember that this is a match they are underestimated and the visitors of Inter Milan are also The game is very stable.

ITALIAN SERIE A | Sunday, 18 April


Winning Sampdoria 2-0 in the match in the 30th round, these are very important 3 points because it not only helps Napoli retain a place in the Top 6 (the position that can attend the European Cup next season) But moreover, the students of coach Gattuso will be much more confident before the difficult reception of Inter Milan at home in the 31st round.

Losing to this opponent in the last 2 encounters and conceding 3 goals, the San Paolo team has more reason to worry about the ability to win points and they should understand that it is no coincidence that Inter Milan is standing number 1 in the standings and also 15 points higher than the 5th place that the home team owns. Therefore, caution is essential for Napoli in this match if they do not want to be beaten by the visitors and lose their advantage in the race to win tickets to the European Cup next season.

Inter Milan

Maintaining a series of consecutive victories in the Serie A arena with a gentle 1-0 victory over Cagliari in a match where Inter Milan played better and also had luck. The Giuseppe Meazza home team is probably also happy because they make their fans feel proud of the No. 1 position in the current rankings. It can be said that this season is a successful one for teachers and coaches Antonio Conte when they are on the right track in the championship goal set at the beginning of the season.

With a comfortable mentality, Inter Milan will aim to be a guest on Napoli's field (the team ranked 5th) in round 31, if you can win this match, teachers and coaches Antonio Conte can completely dream about early. won the Serie A championship this season. Moreover, the confrontation record in the past is on the side of the Giuseppe Meazza team, specifically in the last two encounters with Napoli, they all won, more worth mentioning, the visitors also conceded the opponent's net 3 goals in those 2 wins (2-0 and 1-0 wins).