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LaLiga: Athletic Bilbao vs Atletico Madrid

Athletic Bilbao vs Atletico Madrid

The performance is impressive and equally stable this season, so the top of the La Liga rankings is a worthy achievement for Atletico Madrid. Currently, the Wanda Metropolitano home team is 3 points ahead of the second ranked Real Madrid team, so the risk of overthrow is still hidden because the season still has 6 rounds to end. As a guest on the home team Athletic Bilbao in round 32, the goal that Atletico Madrid aims to be nothing but 3 points and remember that at the moment the home team is in an unstable form and not The opponent is hard to beat.

Athletic Bilbao vs Atletico Madrid

Athletic Bilbao 

Not winning the last 6 matches in La Liga, Athletic Bilbao is showing a decline in the sprint phase of this season, thereby dropping to 10th on the current chart. Although still behind the Top 6 to 11 points with less than 1 match and the season still has 6 rounds, it is also difficult for the Basque team to fill the gap and compete for a place in European Cup next season.

Welcoming the top team Atletico Madrid at home was a difficult challenge for Athletic Bilbao in the 32nd round and with unstable performance at this time, the fans of the San Mames home team still have reason to worry. a result in favor of darling players. Moreover, in the encounter with the third ranked Barcelona team in the recent King's Cup final, coach Marcelino Toral's team had a 0-4 defeat and this result also proved that they were not a match. Player worthy of the big guys like Atletico Madrid or Barcelona.

Atletico Madrid 

Coming back strong after 2 consecutive unsuccessful matches in the 29th and 30th round of La Liga, Atletico Madrid are winning in the last 2 rounds to firmly consolidate the top of the rankings with a temporary safe distance of 3 points more than with the second ranked team Real Madrid. However, Atletico Madrid fans still have reason to worry because this season there are still six more rounds to close.

And that is enough for a subversion of Real Madrid in case Atletico Madrid make a mistake on its own. Fortunately for teachers and coach Diego Simeone when the schedule at the end of the season is quite easy for them (5/6 matches against underdogs), and the task is not too difficult that the Wanda Metropolitano home team  needs The pass will come in the next round as their opponent is 10th ranked team Athletic Bilbao.