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LaLiga: Barcelona vs Getafe

Barcelona vs Getafe

Barcelona will have a better chance to approach and lead Atletico Madrid when teachers and coach Ronald Koeman only have to welcome Getafe in their upcoming round.

Barcelona vs Getafe


After the difficulties of the last season, Barcelona also gained their first results. Indeed, the army of coach Ronald Koeman has just destroyed Athletic Bilbao to raise the title of the Spanish King's Cup in the 2020/2021 season.   

And at the top of La Liga this season, Barcelona is still hoping to chase the top of the rankings. Indeed, even though he lost to Real Madrid in his last round, luck is still standing with coach Ronald Koeman when his competitors won the championship with them. Moreover, past achievements are also supporting Barcelona in the upcoming reception of Getafe when the home team of Camp Nou won 8 and only lost 1 to their opponent in 10 previous meetings.


Meanwhile, Getafe, despite the latest 0-0 draw against Real Madrid, is commendable for them. However, with Getafe in the season somewhat showed their declining form in the season when they are only ranked 15 on the rankings this season with 31 points.

Since the beginning of the season so far Getafe has had 14 defeats while they have 7 wins and 10 matches. The biggest weakness with the Madrid suburban team is their journey away from home with 8 defeats after 14 visits. In the upcoming round with Getafe they have to be a guest on the difficult Camp Nou stadium with the army of coach José Bordalás when they are showing poor performance. Not to mention that Getafe also lost 4/5 meetings of the two teams at the Camp Nou and 3 of the 4 victories mentioned above by coach José Bordalás' army they all had to suffer separate defeats.