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LaLiga: Barcelona vs Granada

Barcelona vs Granada


Only 2 points behind AtleticoMadrid's No. 1 and playing 1 game less than this opponent, so Barcelona is facing the opportunity to rise if it can win the late match with Granada in round 33. Of course, the Nou Camp team are the ones who are more appreciated in this match, but if they play subjectively, they can regrettably lose points against the away team Granada.

Barcelona vs Granada


Showing very high form in the final stages of the season this year with consecutive but important victories (winning Getafe 5-2, beating Villarreal 2-1), Barcelona are showing a spectacular breakthrough in the competition. racing champions even though they were 6 points behind the top team Atletico Madrid. But at the present time, the seemingly impossible distance has only 2 points and continues to continue this momentum, it is likely that the Nou Camp team will take over Atletico Madrid's throne successfully after the West National Championship. Spain 2020/21 season ends.

There are 6 more rounds for Barcelona to hope, but first they need to get another victory over their weak opponent Granada at home in round 33. Convincingly win in round 32 against Villarreal with a score of 2-1, Nou Camp's home team had a perfect momentum to be ready for a 3-point goal before entering the confrontation with Granada. Not only that, winning up to the last 4/6 matches against the visitors team also helped teachers and teachers Ronald Koeman strengthen their belief in a victory.


A 1-2 defeat at away to Sevilla in round 32 made Granada back with his feelings of defeat in the Spanish National Championship up to 3 matches in the last 5 rounds. With this disappointing achievement, the Nuevo Los Carmenes home team fell to 8th place in the standings and was 8 points behind Top 6. Therefore, the pressure on the score is weighing on the psychology of the players of coach Diego Martinez before the match in the 33rd round with the next strong opponent, Barcelona.

Still know that the opportunity is not much for Granada to be able to bring at least 1 point in this match and in football there are always surprises, but the fans of the visitors do not have the right to hope for a period. something their team will do at the Nou Camp when they have lost in their last 2 visits as Barcelona's guests.