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LaLiga: Barcelona vs Real Valladolid

Barcelona vs Real Valladolid

Still 4 points behind Atletico Madrid's top spot, so Barcelona will need to be confident in any match in the Spanish league, especially when facing underrated opponents. And the encounter with Real Valladolid in the next round of 29 will be such a match, 3 points will be the goal that the Nou Camp team must do if they do not want the distance to the championship to become more and more distant.


On the side of Barcelona, ​​there have been consecutive victories in recent times in the domestic arena, but that is still not enough for this team to fill the gap with the top team Atletico Madrid when the Capital team does not. shows too many mistakes in gameplay. Therefore, the goal of the Nou Camp team at this time is to continue to maintain a stable performance and victory circuit to put pressure on the top of Atletico Madrid.

There was an easy game that was predicted to be against Real Valladolid at home in round 29, this is a match in which they are very confident with being much more appreciated and the visitors are not a formidable opponent. the same performance is quite poor recently.

Real Valladolid 

On the side of Real Valladolid, this team has shown a rather poor performance in recent times, so they are not allowed to be subjective against Barcelona's opponent in the 29th round of the Spanish league at the beginning of the week. this. Moreover, remember that they are only 3 points higher than the group holding the red light right now and if the game is not focused, coach Sergio Gonzalez's army can completely lose the current safe position into the hands of the players. the opponent is below.

In addition, the fans of the visitors team cannot be somewhat reassured by the current mentality of Weissman and his teammates are facing many problems and only Barcelona make good use of the opportunities created, Real Valladolid can completely have a bold defeat in this match.