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LaLiga: Real Betis vs Atletico Madrid

Real Betis vs Atletico Madrid

Being one of the top candidates for La Liga championship this season, but not so that Atletico Madrid is allowed to be subjective in the match in the 30th round with the underrated opponent Real Betis. . Moreover, in recent times, Coach  Manuel Pellegrini's teachers and students have also shown an extremely stable performance and with home advantage in this match, this team will more or less make it difficult for the team. the guest is from Madrid.

Real Betis vs Atletico Madrid

 Real Betis 

Surprisingly showing a revival in the recent gameplay with 6/7 unbeaten matches and up to 5 wins, Real Betis now rose to 7th place in the standings with less sub-index than Top 6. This is not a really difficult gap to level and with increased confidence, it is likely that the Benito Villamarin home team will do even better in the coming period.

Returning home in the 30th round to welcome guests Atletico Madrid, Real Betis has the right to be confident when the last 3 times playing at Benito Villamarin, this team has won, scored 6 goals and only conceded. has 1 table. However, it should be remembered that the visitors are on a higher level than them, so a draw will be the most reasonable goal for Coach Manuel Pellegrini and his teachers in this match.

Atletico Madrid 

The home team of Wanda Metropolitano is still ranked No. 1 in the Spanish league table, although they still have an advantage in the championship race this season, with only 1 point higher than the second ranked Barcelona team. Atletico Madrid are still under pressure for the remainder of the season.

Being a guest on Real Betis' field in the next round, which is considered to be a completely superior team compared to the opponent, but remember that at the moment, the home team is also showing a very stable performance, if Do not want to say impressive, so the army of coach Diego Simeone still has to pay attention to the caution in the game in this match if they do not want to lose points unjustly against weaker opponents.