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LaLiga: Real Madrid vs Eibar

Real Madrid vs Eibar

La Liga 2020/21 season has entered the final sprint stage, all teams are no longer playing less or more than the other teams.  So this is the moment when the position on the chart best reflects the achievements of each club since the beginning of the season.

Real Madrid vs Eibar

Match Real Madrid vs Eibar

Indeed, the top three teams are Atletico, Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively.  Los Blancos (60 points) is currently 6 points behind the top spot.  In theory, they still have the opportunity to compete for the championship.

What Real Madrid needs to do now is to keep the mentality of 'kicking the final' in the remaining 10 rounds, not being allowed to drop scores against weak opponents and fight hard when meeting Barcelona after a round.

Before meeting Barca, Real Madrid will have to clash with Eibar, followed by the clash with Liverpool in the Champions League.  Before two big battles, Real Madrid had to resolve Eibar early to keep strength.

With his level, Real can completely win Eibar, but the weakness of Zidane's teachers and students this season is that they often lose points by highly determined opponents, but currently Eibar is at 18th place.  try to stay relegated.

The visitors have gone through a series of 12 unbeatable matches, their goal when coming to Alfredo di Stefano is definitely 1 point, but dare not expect more.

Information around:

  1. Real Madrid won 12, drew 2 and lost 1 after 15 encounters with Eibar.
  2. Real never lost to Eibar at home.
  3. After playing Eibar, Real received Liverpool at home.  Salah said he doesn't mind Ramos and his 2018 defeat to Real.