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LaLiga: Villarreal vs Barcelona

Villarreal vs Barcelona

The performance has just slowed down after an unexpected defeat to Alaves, making Villarreal put himself in a difficult situation The goal of competing for next year's European Cup ticket of "Golden Submarine" will face even more challenges. when they have to host Barcelona at home the upcoming round.

Villarreal vs Barcelona


After a jubilant 5-1 victory over Levante, Villarreal had a trip as a guest at Alaves Stadium, which was considered quite gentle. However, the army of coach Unai Emery caused great disappointment with the defeat against the home team.

The defeat just received with Unai Emery and his students were pushed down to the current 7th place with 49 points gained after their 32 rounds. The gap between Villarreal and the top-ranked opponent is not lower in terms of scores but they are poor in terms of sub-stats. In their 33rd round, Villarreal will have to welcome Barcelona at home. This is clearly a difficult challenge for the Golden Submarine because their opponents have partly shown the image and form that is returning at the end of this season.


Having won a 5-2 victory over Getafe in the last round with Barcelona, ​​they are still determined to chase the first place for the competition for the championship title of the season. Coach Ronald Koeman and coaches are only 5 points less than Aletico Madrid's lead, but the Camp Nou team is currently playing less than 1 round, showing that their protection of the throne is still very positive.

In the next round, Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman's Barcelona trip to Villarreal's field is not an easy task. However, with Barcelona now their goal is too big, while for them their performance has also improved somewhat compared to the beginning of the season. Moreover, the home team of Cam Nou also partly shows their ability and superiority because in 10 encounters against Villarreal, the coach's army is unbeaten with 7 wins and 3 draws. Therefore, with the goal of continuing the championship race this season with Barcelona they can fully hope for a victory at Villarreal.