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Ligue 1: PSG vs Lens

 PSG vs Lens

Until now, PSG no longer holds a "unique" position in the French league. In detail, Pochettino's teachers and coaches are temporarily in second place with 72 points after 34 matches and 1 point behind the top team Lille.

 PSG vs Lens

With the current position, surely PSG's goal will be to win all 3 points in the match tonight and thereby put pressure on the top team, or luckily, it will be to rise to the top.

Objectively, with a squad that owns many stars such as Neymar, Mbappe ... 3 points is a task within the reach of PSG, but with most investors still a bit cautious when sending faith in the home team " Princes Park". Remember, PSG's playing mentality will certainly be a bit wavering because the second leg of the European Cup semi-finals against Man City will be a few days later.

Elsewhere, Lens is not an easy group to bully at the moment. In every participating arena, Lens has just lost 1 match with a score of 1 goal, the rest are 7 draws and won 7 wins in the last 15 matches in all participating arenas