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Ligue 1: PSG vs Lille

PSG vs Lille

The match between Paris SG vs Lille in the upcoming 31st Ligue 1 round is considered extremely important. Because both teams are equal and the winner will rise to the top of the rankings. Therefore, experts predict that this will be an extremely stressful matchup and there is no room for mistakes to happen.

PSG vs Lille

Match PSG vs Lille

Through the last two rounds after eliminating Barca in the C1 arena, Paris SG suddenly lost to Nantes to penultimate the standings, but quickly recovered with an overwhelming 4-2 victory over Lyon to continue to maintain. top hit. Currently, coach Mauricio Pochettino's team owns 63 points and is only higher than Lille in sub-index. Therefore, the opportunity to create a clear gap in this "final" match for Paris SG will be decisive.

On the other side of the front line, Lille is having a flourishing season over the year before, after 30 rounds, they only lost 3 matches. Including the confusing 1-2 defeat to Nimes ranked 18th with the same score as the defending champion PSG, the visitors need to calculate their tactics carefully if they do not want to be left behind.

In general, PSG's home field advantage and better statistics than the opponent, the home team "Prince Park" is more dominant. However, it is necessary to consider that after this match, Paris SG needs to prepare for the match against Bayern Munich.

European handicap (1X2) Paris SG vs Lille
In all competitions in the last 10 meetings, Neymar and his teammates pressed Lille to 8 wins and only lost 1 match in 2019. The only split match was 0-0 in the match. turn went in December last year. However, at that time, the home team did not have enough strength, so it would not be possible to repeat this scenario. Not to mention, Christophe Galtier's teachers and students recently have always had problems when they march away from home.

In addition to the international arena, Mbappe is gradually maturing day by day when he has 20 goals after 25 Ligue 1 matches this season. With the current highest number of goals at 67, it is one of the strongest attackers in Europe that everyone must be afraid to face. Not to mention, the defense is extremely sure when conceding 21 goals.

As for Lille, the visitors, although limited in the attack side with 50 goals, have the "hardest" defense this season with 19 goals. Therefore, finding the way into the net of this team is really not easy. However, PSG still has many options when combining Mbappe's speed with Di Maria, Sarabia to bring a minimal result.

The corner rate in the recent matches of PSG and Lille is really unreliable when choosing Tai when the number of free kicks is only about 8-9 in the whole game. About the confrontations, it is similar, so if you are bold, you can consider at the door of Tai Corner until the end of the game.