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SerieATIM: Inter Milan vs Cagliari

Inter Milan vs Cagliari

The championship is almost firmly in the hands of Inter Milan after consecutive impressive performances in the second leg of Serie A this season. With a destructive performance at the present time, plus the spirit of the game is very high. It can be said that the teacher and coach Antonio Conte will have no difficulty destroying Cagliari and bringing back the next 3 points.

Inter Milan vs Cagliari

Inter Milan

Despite a bit of difficulty, Inter Milan still got a 2-1 victory in the round before taking Sassuolo at home. Not only accumulating 3 more valuable points, but this result also marks a sublimation period for Inter Milan. Specifically, in the last 10 appearances in all competitions, Inter Milan was completely unbeaten when it drew 1 and won 9. The last time that coach and coach Antonio Conte failed, was against Juventus, the match took place. February 3 in the National Cup semi-finals. Currently, Inter Milan is firmly at the top of the Serie A BXH with 71 points after 29 rounds. They are 11 points ahead of AC Milan's second place and the chance for them to claim is huge. At this time, Inter Milan need 17 points from 27 in the remaining 9 rounds to win the championship. The last time Inter Milan took the throne in this playground took place in 2010 and of course they are very eager to recreate that history. Inter Milan currently possesses offensive power thanks to the duo Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez, they have together scored 5 goals in the last 3 matches. With 12 consecutive victories at home, it is clear that Inter Milan is extremely confident to welcome Cagliari.


Hugging the recent defeat of Hellas Verona, Cagliari marked a period of instability with 3 consecutive defeats at the Serie A playground. As a result, teachers and coaches Leonardo Semplici received 7 defeats in 9 matches. nearest guest. Besides, they have only won 2/10 recent appearances in all competitions. Currently with only 22 points after 29 rounds, Cagliari is ranked 18th in the standings. They are 2 points behind Torino's safe position and have even kicked more than 1 match. That means Cagliari needs to play more aggressively in the coming stage to get rid of the group holding the red light. However, owning a strike has only fired 31 times since the beginning of the season. Besides, the defense has conceded 50 times, there are very few bases for Cagliari to make things happen on Inter Milan's field. Be aware that, The last 3 times they met Inter Milan at the Serie A playground, Cagliari had both failed to leave the field. In the first leg match, Cagliari also failed to fail 1-3 at home.