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SerieATIM: Juventus vs Genoa

 Juventus vs Genoa

The hope of defending the throne of Juventus remains in theory and the students of coach Andrea Pirlo are also aware of this. However, the pressure to protect one leg in the Champions League group is still great for the Allianz team. Therefore, the welcome to Genoa here is a good opportunity for "Old Lady" towards the next victory.

Juventus vs Genoa


Ronaldo and Dybala opened fire together to retain 3 points at the reception of Napoli a few days ago. This is a very meaningful result for Juventus, because if they lose the match, it is very likely that "Old Lady" will be pushed out of the top 4 leading teams. Saying so to see how Juventus is going through a tough season. They were not only immediately eliminated by FC Porto from the Champions League. Besides, the scenario of dominating Serie A during the past decade of Juventus will almost certainly be broken. After going through 29 rounds, Ronaldo and his teammates won 17, drew 8 and lost 4. Having only brought 59 points so far, Juventus is ranked third in the Serie A BXH. They were inferior to Inter Milan. 11 points and this gap is almost impossible to level in the remaining 9 rounds. Juventus' performance is not too impressive at the moment, because before winning Napoli, "Old Lady" also lost to Benevento and drew Torino. With only 3 points higher than Napoli's fifth place, the Allianz team needs to play more cautiously if they do not want to hold the bitter fruit when the season closes.


There have been many times in Serie A this season, Genoa played extremely poorly and was constantly buried in the group holding the red light. However, with the experience of a rich traditional team in Serie A, Genoa quickly overcame a difficult period. Currently after 29 rounds, the away team won 7 draws 11 and also received 11 defeats. Thus, with 32 points, coach Davide Ballardini and his students are ranked 13th in the rankings. They are 10 points ahead of the danger zone and can completely rest assured in the upcoming journey. In terms of form, Genoa is not bad when it only lost 1 draw 2 and won 2 after the last 5 rounds. However, on the away field Genoa played not really impressed with only winning 2/8 trips away from home. Plus, having lost all three of the last encounters with Juventus at the Serie A playground, it is difficult for Genoa to win points in front of the defending champions.