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SerieATIM: Juventus vs Napoli

Juventus vs Napoli

Strong return with the last 3/5 wins but it seems that is not enough for Juventus to regain the advantage in the championship race this season with Inter Milan. Therefore, at this time, they only have to continue to bring victories and hope that this direct opponent will stumble in the opposite direction. And the reception of rival Napoli at home in the third round match in the middle of this week will be a good opportunity for the Turin team to have 3 more important points, thereby somewhat putting pressure on the top of Inter. Milan.

Juventus vs Napoli


Having won 3 wins in the last 5 rounds, Juventus is still doing well in maintaining its stable match, but it seems that Inter Milan is equally stable, so the gap between them is still being. maintained at 12 points more in favor of the Milan team.

Even so, the fans of the Allianz home team still have the right to hope for a surprise when the remainder of the season is enough for their team to do so. Returning to the home field in the next round to welcome Napoli guests, the task set for Juventus is nothing but 3 points because they simply outperform their opponents in terms of ability.


On the Napoli side, perhaps this team has begun to feel the difficulties when the opponents behind, gradually catch up in terms of scores. At this time, they are only 4 points better than Lazio's sixth place, so if they fail in the Juventus field trip, it is likely that Gattuso's army will not be able to preserve the 5th place at the moment. present.

However, perhaps Napoli fans need to determine the worst case scenario because their team is not a match for the home team at this time because it is difficult to hope in a lucky day. Napoli made a surprise at the Allianz holy place.