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SerieATIM: Juventus vs Parma

Juventus vs Parma

After the defeat at Atalanta in the previous round, it can be confirmed that the Juventus hope to defend the throne is only in theory. Even Ba Dam Gia is in danger of being absent from the Champions League next season if she does not quickly improve her performance in the upcoming sprint. Welcoming Parma at home in the next 32nd round will be an opportunity for Ronaldo and his teammates to regain confidence.

Juventus vs Parma


Welcoming Atalanta at home, Juventus showed a poor face during the day without Ronaldo. Although the ball is more controlled than the opponent, but Juventus played quite a bit. Even Mrs. Dam Gia also had to pay a very expensive price with a goal in the 87th minute, a 0-1 defeat also pushed Juventus into a serious crisis. It is clear that this is the season where Juventus failed in all fronts, in the Champions Legue playground, coach Pirlo and coach stopped early at Porto. In Serie A, "Old Lady" seems to have lost the throne to the hands of Serie A after nearly a decade of domination. With only 62 points available after 31 rounds, Juventus is currently 4th in the standings. They are 13 points behind the top of the table and only 2 points higher than 5th place, so if you are not careful, Juventus will also be able to be dropped from the top 4 in an unbelievable way. Juventus' unstable form is the reason why fans are skeptical about losing their Champions League spot next season. In the last 5 rounds, Juventus only won 2 draws 1 and also received 2 defeats. So, in the remaining 7 rounds Juventus had to meet Fiorentina, AC Milan, Udinese, Sassuolo, Inter Milan and Bologna. Extremely difficult challenges with coach Pirlo and his students.


Losing to a direct competitor called Cagliari in the previous round, Parma's hope of relegation was almost exhausted. It can be said that Parma is going through a difficult season much more than originally planned. If the army of coach Roberto D'Aversa officially says goodbye to Serie A, this will be an extremely unfortunate scenario for the visitors. Anyway, Parma is still an extremely rich traditional name in the most prestigious playground of Italian football. After 31 matches played, Parma won only 3 draws 11 and received 17 defeats. The only 20 points that make the visitors stay in the penultimate position in the standings. Having less than 10 points behind the safety group, it is difficult for Parma to level in the remaining 8 rounds. In fact, this team also gave up and accepted its fate, when the last 4 rounds they drew 1 and lost 3 matches. This season Parma is also the name of the poorest attacker in the tournament with only 32 shots, along with their defense conceding 63 goals. Parma away only received up to 36 goals, the number was up to nearly 3 goals per game. In the last 5 encounters with Juventus, Parma was unsuccessful when it drew 1 and lost 4 matches.