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SerieATIM: Lazio vs AC Milan

Lazio vs AC Milan

The loss of round 32 can be considered a quite harmful result for the 6th ranked team Lazio when they let their direct opponent AS Roma reduce the score gap to only 3 points. Therefore, if you cannot win all 3 points in the reception of strong rival AC Milan at home in round 33, it is likely that Lazio will lose 6th place to AS Roma.

Lazio vs AC Milan


Unable to maintain an impressive performance in recent times, that is the reason why Lazio has almost no advantages in the Top 6 race this season when AS Roma shortens the score gap. after round 32. Although still ranked 6th in the standings, the situation is definitely causing the fans of the Olimpico team to be extremely worried.

Because as long as their team loses one more match, it is likely that 6th place will be lost to the opponent. Therefore, when only having to welcome a strong team, AC Milan in round 33, caution is still what Lazio needs to promote, but in a fair way if the away team plays with his level, Coach Simone Inzaghi's teachers and students can hardly have the opportunity in this match.

AC Milan 

The defeat in round 32 is AC Milan's only empty hand in the last 5 matches, but a loss in the context of them still chasing the top team of Inter Milan, it is really disappointing, especially. when the opponent is the bottom team completely like Sassuolo. At this time, the home team of San Siro is still ranked second with a distance of 10 points compared to the first, but the opportunity for them is not over.

Marching away in the next round of the Italian National Championship, AC Milan will have a match that is considered quite difficult for rival Lazio, who is ranked 6th in the standings. However, if there is not any subjectivity in this match, surely the chances of victory that the away team have will be not small.