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SerieATIM: Napoli vs Lazio

Napoli vs Lazio

The competition for a place in the Top 4 in Serie A this season is starting to go to a tense period when the 4 teams ranked 3rd to 6th respectively are sticking together in terms of scores. . And 2 of the 4 teams that will meet in round 32 are Napoli and Lazio. This promises to be an attractive match because the losing team will have many disadvantages in the Top 4 race.

Napoli vs Lazio


To draw Inter Milan with a score of 1-1, Napoli is making it difficult for themselves in the Top 4 competition this season by letting direct rival Juventus create a gap with 2 more points. Although it is not a difficult gap to level, but surely if you want to complete the goal this season, the San Paolo team will have to try a lot more in finding stability in form which they did well in March of this season.

Returning to the 32nd round of Serie A to welcome strong opponent Lazio at home, although it is rated slightly better than the visitors, it is not enough for coach Gattuso's army to be confident in a victory because now. It is the visitors from the capital who have more stable performance.


Meanwhile, Lazio has its own reasons to be confident before the trip to Napoli at the last match of round 32. Of course, this will still be an extremely difficult 90 minutes for the home team. Olimpico Stadium because the home team has not had a good performance recently, but they are still a strong team, moreover this is the match where coach Simone Inzaghi's teachers and coaches have a disadvantage from away field.

So if you do not enter with determination and certainty, 3 points will become too far away targets for Lazio in this match. But remember that victory in this match also means that the Olimpico team will rise more in points with the opponent Napoli, so they need to look at this goal to be determined to bring the full 3 points. right on the San Paolo mecca of the home team.