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SerieATIM: Torino vs Juventus

Torino vs Juventus

Torino is in desperate need of points to aim for relegation, while Juventus is equally thirsty for victory to raise hopes of defending the throne. Facing each other in the 29th round of the Serie A round here, while the coach of Davide Nicola's team has the advantage at home, Juventus is more appreciated for their strength. So wait and see, which name will have the fun to continue towards the goal.

Torino vs Juventus


As one of the highly-rated groups in Serie A, however, Torino's slump began to appear last season. Things got worse this season when teachers and coaches Davide Nicola were facing a great risk of having to play in Serie B next season. The numbers do not lie, after going through 27 rounds, but Torino only won 4 draws 11 and received 12 defeats. Currently, with 23 points, Torino is ranked 17th in the rankings. They are only 1 point higher than the group holding the red light and need more positive results in the near future to break through. In terms of performance, Torino does not have the stability needed when only winning 2 and losing 3 after the last 5 rounds. Not to mention, Torino is the name that takes advantage of the worst home field advantage in Serie A when it has just won 1 match and won 7 draws and received 5 defeats after 13 welcoming visitors from the beginning of the season. In addition, the fact that the attackers fired 39 goals, but the defense conceded 50 times made Torino put himself in a difficult position. Only in the last 5 rounds, Torino's defense has conceded 7 goals. Having to welcome the defending champions Juventus who are very thirsty is also an unpleasant challenge.


Whether or not Juventus successfully defended the Serie A throne, this is still a disappointing season for the "Old Lady". Of course things would get worse if Juventus could not claim king on the domestic playground after a decade of dominating the tournament. Because Juventus was previously eliminated by FC Porto from the eighth round of the Champions League. The pressure is now heavy on the shoulders of coach Andrea Pirlo and they can only blame themselves when they continuously play down this season. After 27 matches in Serie A this season, Juventus won 16, tied 7 and lost 4. Currently with 55 points, "Old Lady" is standing at 3rd place on the chart and 10 points behind Inter Milan's top. This is a very difficult gap to level when there are only 10 rounds left in the season and it is important that their opponents are playing too well right now. While, Juventus constantly lost points in matches that seemed not difficult to win. The last appearance Ronaldo and his teammates lost to rookie Benevento 0-1 at home. In this round, the opponent is just a delicious prey called Torino. Obviously Juventus needs to aim to win, because the last 13 encounters they are completely unbeaten when they draw 2 and win 11 matches.