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Bundesliga: Dortmund vs RB Leipzig

Dortmund vs RB Leipzig

RB Leipzig is ranked 2nd on the Bundesliga standings with 64 points after 31 games. In theory, this team still has a chance to win when they are 7 points behind the top team Bayern Munich and the season has 3 more rounds to officially lower the curtain. However, that theory is predicted to cease to exist after round 32.

Dortmund vs RB Leipzig

Because RB Leipzig will have to be a guest on the field of the Dortmund star. 5 recent Dortmund matches, RB Leipzig is unbeaten with 4 defeats and 1 draw. The last 2 encounters with RB Leipzig, Dortmund even won the difference despite being a guest. Currently, Dortmund are also very confident with their form.

After losing to Man City in the Champions League, Dortmund returned to the domestic league to win 4 consecutive victories, scoring 13 goals and only once to concede. Ranked 5th on the standings with 1 point behind the team ranked above Eintracht Frankfurtd, Dortmund will definitely do their best to ensure victory at home.