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Bundesliga: Mainz vs Dortmund

Mainz vs Dortmund

This match only has meaning for Dortmund only.  Currently, the Ruhr team has 58 points, 1 point more than the 5th team Frankfurt and played less than 1 match.  Thus, if they beat Mainz in the penultimate round tonight, Dortmund will officially have a place in the Champions League next season.

Mainz vs Dortmund

On the other side of the front line, Mainz was officially relegated when he was 5 points ahead of the dangerous group, but the teams below had all played round 33. In that state of mind, there was no reason for the Mainz players to have to fight.  self and psychological relaxation is inevitable after a season of struggling to stay in the number 1 division in Germany.

Therefore, Dortmund is facing an opportunity that cannot be more favorable to soon finish the race to the Top 4 and with a break in terms of expertise and performance, Haaland and his teammates are more than enough to complete the set goal.

The 1 1/2 handicap for Dortmund on the opponent's field is considered quite ideal, especially if put in the context that a few days ago they had to lose strength for the final of the German cup.  The fitness of the pillars of course declined, but in return, the spirit was full of excitement when they defeated Leipzig to get the national cup title.  The last away match had to accept 1 1/2, Dortmund crushed Schalke 4-0.