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DFB Cup: Leipzig vs Dortmund

Leipzig vs Dortmund

Tonight, the two top German teams, Leipzig vs Dortmund, will enter the national cup final, the chance for them to win the title this season. Earlier in the semifinals, while Leipzig struggled to overcome rivals in the Bundesliga, Bremen in extra time, Dortmund easily crushed second-place team Holstein Kiel, which once shocked when the giants Bayern Munich in the second round of the Cup. Germany this season.

Leipzig vs Dortmund

In the main arena of the Bundesliga, Leipzig has definitely participated in the Champions League next season due to not being able to fall out of the Top 4, and Dortmund still needs to put in more effort than the fifth Frankfurt team has 1 point and the season still has 2 rounds. .  

However, despite some disadvantages, experts still believe Dortmund. Remember last weekend, the two sides just met in the second leg of the Bundesliga and Dortmund ultimately won 3-2, a result that helped rival rival Bayern Munch officially crowned without playing round 32.

In general, Dortmund is really an opponent that goes up against Leizpig, no matter what situation the Ruhr team falls into. For example, this season Dortmund has been somewhat weakened compared to last season, while Leipzig has risen to become Bayern's No. 1 counterweight, but both encounters in the Bundesliga and Dortmund are triumphant. 

In addition, the more at the end of the season, the more unstable RB Leipzig: lost to the Asian match in the last 8/10 matches in all competitions. While Dortmund won Asia in the last 5 matches. Therefore, believe in Die Borussen in this war!