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EPL: Aston Villa vs Chelsea

Aston Villa vs Chelsea

Meeting between the Aston Villa team and their rivals Chelsea is happening as part of the Premier League competition at the Villa Park stadium. 

Aston Villa vs Chelsea

Date of the match: 23.05.2021 17:00

Last confrontation statistics between team Aston Villa and team Chelsea: 

The meeting between team Chelsea and team Aston Villa on 28.12.2020 ended with the score 1: 1. 

In 2020 Aston Villa and Chelsea reunion ended with the score of 1: 2. 

The matchup between Chelsea team and Aston Villa team on 04.12.2019 ended with the score 2: 1. 

The confrontation between the team Aston Villa and the team Chelsea on 02.04.2016 ended with the score 0: 4. 

The confrontation between the Chelsea team and the Aston Villa team on 17.10.2015 ended with the score 2: 0.

Team summary:

Team: Aston Villa 
Country: England 
Coach: Smith, Dean

Team: Chelsea 
Country: England 
Coach: Tuchel, Thomas