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EPL: West Brom vs Wolves

West Brom vs. Wolves

There are still 5 rounds remaining West Bromwich can hope to relegate in the Premier League this season. However, the 9 points less gap with the safety group is clearly a difficult task for coach Sam Allardyce's team.

West Brom vs. Wolves

West Bromwich - Premier League  

After a 0-3 defeat to Leicester City, West Bromwich also regained their points with a draw against Aston Villa in the last round. Coach Sam Allardyce and his teachers got this score, but they still have not been able to improve their position in the rankings with the penultimate position of the current rankings.

In fact, up to the present time, the ability to relegate West Bromwich is very difficult because the gap is up to 9 points with relegation group. However, coach Sam Allardyce's army has yet to quell their hopes and their final matches are like a final. In the next round, West Bromwich welcome Wolverhampton at their home field. Although the ability is not appreciated compared to the opponent, but with the attitude of "still slapping", Sam Allardyce and his students certainly did not give up easily.

 Wolverhampton - Premier League 

In the opposite direction, Wolverhampton's recent performance is still much optimistic. Despite having 2 victories against Fulham and Sheffield United, most recently the Wolves lost 0-4 at home to Burnley in a blameful way.

With Wolverhampton now, they also don't have many goals left for the rest of the season. 12th place on the rankings and 14 points more than the relegation group, coach Nuno Santo's army seems to have completed relegation mission. Wolverhampton's actual form in the season with 14 defeats in their 33 rounds clearly shows their many declines. Therefore, even if they march to West Bromwich's upcoming field with Wolverhampton, if they are not really determined, their ability to score is not easy ..