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LaLiga: Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid

Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid

The two teams has the nature of a true '6-point match', despite the fact that the winning team is unlikely to win La Liga 2020/21. The '6-point' nature is also reflected in the losing team as eliminating itself from the race.

Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid

If losing, Barca will certainly lag behind Atletico itself. The gap between the two teams was then widened to 5 points after the 35th round. Failure at Camp Nou on Saturday (May 8), the Blaugrana's chances of crowning seem only in theory.

What about Atletico Madrid? If he loses, Luis Suarez and his teammates will definitely not be able to keep the No. 1 position on the rankings. They even fell to third place in case Real Madrid beat Sevilla in the next match. If it fails, Atletico will also lose autonomy for the rest of the season.

Thus, Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid first becomes a match that the two teams are not allowed to lose. With Barca, the draw at Camp Nou this weekend is also seen as a failure. If a draw, the Blaugrana is still 2 points behind Atletico and can be increased by Real Madrid to 2 points. At that time, things will be out of the club's control.