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LaLiga: Barcelona vs Celta Vigo

Barcelona vs Celta Vigo

Barcelona is in danger of continuing to miss the appointment with the La Liga championship when it has gone through 36 matches this season but only brought back 76 points, thereby temporarily standing in 3rd place in the world. 

Barcelona vs Celta Vigo

However, the opportunity for the club to compete for the top of the table is not over when Atletico Madrid is holding this position only 4 points above Barca, this is not a big gap if the Catalan giants win in 2 games. At the same time, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid are in contrast. Although this hope is quite fragile, but not so that Barcelona can easily give up, in the next 37th round match, the Camp Nou team will have a welcome to Celta Vigo, this is a team that is not too strong, so the possibility Barca will have a complete victory.

Barca's recent performance is not too gloomy, the team only received 1 defeat in the last 5 appearances across all competitions. Notably, in the 34th round of La Liga that took place not long ago, Barcelona had a fiery encounter with the team that is extremely sublimated this season, Atletico Madrid, despite being the owner of the team. The home field advantage, but Barca did not once shake the opponent's net, thereby keeping only 1 point at home when being held to a goalless draw. In general, Barcelona are in not too bad performance this season, the ability to bring victory in the clash Celta Vigo is not impossible.