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LaLiga: Granada vs Real Madrid

Granada vs Real Madrid

With no target to strive in the last 3 rounds of this season, Granada will definitely play with the goal of dedicating to the satisfaction of its fans. Confronted with Real Madrid in the 36th round, with the team being underestimated in this match, the chances of getting a score are not high even though Granada has home advantage.

Granada vs Real Madrid


Unaware of the taste of victory in the last two consecutive matches, it is clear that even though the goal has been completed this season, it still makes the fans of Granada feel unsatisfied. This result is certainly a major error from the subjectivity as well as the lack of determination every time the home team joins Nuevo Los Carmenes because the mentality has no goals to strive. Therefore, maybe it is time for this team to stabilize and bring back the victories along with regaining the confidence of the fans.

However, it will not be easy to do that because, after successive results, the Granada players do not have a certain confidence every time they enter the game. Returning home in the 36th round to welcome the Real Madrid visitors, the teachers and coaches Diego Martinez, although not underestimated, but with the current performance, many fans of the home team are not believing in one. The results are favorable to his players.

Real Madrid

Meanwhile, Real Madrid has not been stable in recent times, but the record of 10/11 unbeaten matches is enough to satisfy their fans in the context that they still have a goal to strive. . Therefore, in the match with the home team Granada, confidence is something that Los Blancos has redundant and if it is possible to play with the correct form in that match, 3 points is within the reach of the visitors.

But remember that, despite being ranked 7 places above the opponent on the rankings, in fairness, Real Madrid did not appear to outperform the opponent too much, is it just that their current form is stable? Therefore, concentration and determination are still what coach Zinedine Zidane's army must have in this match.