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LaLiga: Levante vs Barcelona

Levante vs Barcelona

It took all the time in the first phase of the season to be very unstable, but Barcelona has accelerated too strongly in recent times with impressive form to take 3rd place in the standings. present time. Although rival Levante in the next round is not easy to bully, with a higher level and their confidence, the players of the Nou Camp team are confident to win all 3 points.


Although there is a safe 9-point gap with the 18th ranked team Huesca, Levante still worries their fans because of the unstable performance in recent times. Specifically, coach Paco Lopez's army has only won 1 victory in the last 6 matches, moreover, they have just drawn the 16th ranked opponent, Levante in the previous round with a score of 2-2.

Obviously this achievement is a very difficult thing to accept for the fans of the home team Ciutat de Valencia. Difficulties will continue until in the 36th round of La Liga, Levante has to welcome the 3rd ranked Barcelona team at home, with the superficiality of the game at the moment, it is difficult for coach Paco Lopez's army to make up. surprise in this match.


Undefeated for the last 5/6 matches and only lost 1 match, Barcelona is showing an impressive performance at the moment, this achievement not only helps them rise to 3rd place but now the opportunity to go straight to the group stage of the Champions League next season is closer than ever.

Moreover, if they continue to maintain their impressive performance and prolong the winning streak, the Nou Camp team can completely dream of the championship this season because they are only 2 points behind the top team Atletico Madrid. Facing the unstable team Levante in the 36th round with excitement in the game, it is clear that Barcelona has nothing to be afraid of their opponents even if they have to play away.