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LaLiga: Real Madrid vs Sevilla

Real Madrid vs Sevilla

Persistently chasing the top team Atletico Madrid with a very stable performance, at this time Real Madrid's efforts have begun to pay off when the distance between them and the team from the same city is only 2 points. Therefore, the determination in the match against Sevilla in the 35th round of the Bernabeu team is redundant because they understand that if they win this match, the chance to rise to the top is extremely clear because Atletico Madrid are not sure to win. To be in this round when the opponent is an extremely difficult Barcelona and has high form.

Real Madrid vs Sevilla

Real Madrid 

This weekend, the Spanish league will officially enter the 35th round and Real Madrid's opponent will be Sevilla. However, the pressure to win plus the opponent's good performance at the moment is enough for the fans of the Bernabeu team to stand still. However, at least the home advantage will help coach Zinedine Zidane and his teachers much more confident in this match.

And what could be better if they overcome difficulties to win all 3 points, thereby maintaining the hope of championship. But to glory, Real Madrid is still dangerous 90 minutes ahead, but remember that they are winning Sevilla 4/5 last matches (1 loss remaining), so just kick properly, 3 points is completely within the reach of Zinedine Zidane and his students.


Winning the last 5/6 rounds with an impressive scoring style, this very good achievement gives Sevilla enough confidence to march to Alfredo Di Stefano and topple Real Madrid's championship ambitions in season five. now on. If in a match that does not bring much pressure, Heracles must have a difficult chance to bring even 1 point, but when coach Julen Lopetegui's army has a comfortable mentality due to early completion of Top 4 goals Los Blancos must win if they do not want to lose the championship to top team Atletico Madrid.

The pressure will make the home team Real Madrid harder to kick and that could be an opportunity for Sevilla to surprise if they take advantage. But it must be fair to say that coach Julen Lopetegui's army needs to defend really firmly in this match because this is a match where Los Blancos will definitely attack like a storm and the Seville team has also failed. in the last 2 marches to Madrid.