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LaLiga: Sevilla vs Athletic Bilbao

Sevilla vs Athletic Bilbao

Having had unsatisfactory results in recent times, it seems that coach Marcelino Toral's play has no longer been effective. Being a guest on Sevilla's field in the 34th round of La Liga is clearly a difficult challenge for Athletic Bilbao and the impressive performance of the home team in recent times also makes the Basque Country team unable to be confident. with your own score goal.

Sevilla vs Athletic Bilbao


Accelerating too strongly in the final phase of this season with a series of 8 consecutive unbeaten games at the moment, although Sevilla is still maintaining 4th place in the rankings, but the gap is now with the top of Atletico. Madrid has only 6 points left, but less than 1 match is played. Of course the remaining time (5 rounds) is enough for them to make a miracle, but coach and coach Julen Lopetegui should understand that the most important thing is that Atletico Madrid must make mistakes in the final matches.

Confronting a Athletic Bilbao who fell too much in the match in the 34th round is a better chance for Lucas Ocampos and his teammates to earn 3 more important points. However, it should be remembered that coach Julen Lopetegui still has two much more difficult matches with Real Madrid and Villarreal, so the confrontation is not considered too difficult as with Athletic Bilbao, the home team Sanchez. Pizjuan will not be allowed to make any mistakes.

Athletic Bilbao 

Not the last 7/8 matches in the Spanish league, Athletic Bilbao are showing a rather disappointing performance in the sprint phase of this season. With this sad achievement, coach Marcelino Toral's army, although still maintaining 10th place in the rankings, but the dream of attending the European Cup (Europa League) next season is not much hope when the gap now with Top 6 is already 8 points.

Running to the home team Sevilla in round 34 of La Liga, it is clear that Athletic Bilbao is also very afraid of this opponent because if the overall assessment since the beginning of the season, even coach Marcelino Toral's army can be beaten. lower price because of unstable performance. Now, the San Mames home team is ranked 6 levels below Sevilla on the standings.