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Ligue 1: Rennes vs PSG

Rennes vs PSG

Just getting 3 full points in Rennes' field trip in round 36 of the French league, Paris Saint-Germain will continue to shorten the gap with the top pair Lille. Therefore, the army of coach Mauricio Pochettino is very determined and no less confident when the other side of the line is only the team below Rennes.

Rennes vs PSG


Starting in 2021 with a long time of poor competition, Rennes increasingly made his fans lose confidence because now they fell to 7th place on the standings and there was definitely no chance to compete. position in the Top 3. According to statistics, since the end of January 2021, the home team Roazhon Park has played a total of 16 matches, but 8 of them are failures, disappointing achievements. This is the main reason leading to the departure from the position of a top candidate for the Champions League qualification next season, but the army of coach Bruno Genesio fell to the middle of the table.

Continuing to have another game that was predicted to be difficult at home against Paris Saint-Germain in round 36, all disadvantages are on Rennes, not only inferior to the opponent in terms of squad quality, style The level of competition, even with the achievements against the past, the army of coach Bruno Genesio is also showing inferiority when the last 4/6 confrontations, they all failed against the team from the capital.

Paris Saint-Germain

Winning in the last 4 consecutive rounds, scoring 12 goals but only conceding 5 times, Paris Saint-Germain is showing a very stable performance in the sprint phase of this season. With 12 absolute points won after those 4 matches, coach Mauricio Pochettino's team has steadily consolidated 2nd place on the current standings with 4 points worse than the top team Lille but played less than 1 match.

Having a trip as a guest is expected to be difficult on the field of the 7th-ranked Rennes team in the 36th round, with a very high performance at this moment, Paris Saint-Germain has confidence because they are nonetheless set to target 3 Moreover, the poor head-to-head record will also affect the home team Rennes more or less, so if they make good use of the attacks, even coach Mauricio Pochettino's team completely. can win bold.