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SerieATIM: Inter Milan vs Roma

Inter Milan vs Roma 

Inter Milan soon won the Scudetto (Serie A league title), thereby ending 11 years of empty title.  The end of the Nerazzurri dominance over the years of Juventus has made Italian football more vitality and less boring.  Due to no other tournament, the remaining matches of Inter in Serie A this season have absolutely no professional value.

Inter Milan vs Roma

So no one is sure how they will play.  For example, the previous round that all gave to Inter would let Sampdoria lose because of all the goals, but in the end, they won 5-1.

On the other side of the front line, AS Roma left only disappointment.  Even the Europa League place is almost out of the reach of the betel nut team when it is 6 points behind the 6th team (Lazio), but remember that the opponent from the same city has less than one match.  Even 7th place (attending the Europa Conference League "consolation" tournament which was started for the first time next season) was also shaken when Sassuolo was 2 points behind.

Back in this war, Inter Milan seems to still receive the credit of experts through the positive handicap of 3/4.  As mentioned Inter has been motivated, even if playing at home, that level is still quite high, especially when the opponent is not much behind, with clear goals.

Also remember, the Milan black and blue striped shirt team is in top form at home.  The recent destruction of Sampdoria was Inter's 14th consecutive victory at the den.  A series of "horny" names such as Napoli, Juventus, Lazio or Atalanta had to leave Giuseppe Meazza empty handed.