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SerieATIM: Juventus vs AC Milan

Juventus vs AC Milan

According to statistics, in a total of 9 matches since mid-March, coach Andrea Pirlo is unbeaten 7 times and has 5 victories, an achievement not bad at all and it proves that the Turin team Not an opponent that is easy to bully even when facing strong opponents.

Juventus vs AC Milan


Having won a gentle 2-1 victory over Udinese, Juventus temporarily helped their fans breathe a sigh of relief when they continued to maintain a fragile 2-point gap with the 5th ranked Napoli. It can be said that in the last 4 rounds of the season, every match will be a final with coach and coach Andrea Pirlo in which they will have to win to definitely get a place in Top 4. And The reception of AC Milan at home in round 35 will be one of the two most difficult matches for the Allianz team in the Top 4 defense journey.

Winning AC Milan in the last encounter, but clearly that is not the reason for Juventus to be subjective, but instead it must be a cautious as well as making full use of the opportunities created to score. Just overcoming the difficulty in this match, the Turin team will be much easier to breathe because the last 2/3 of the round will only have to meet the completely underdogs Sassuolo and Bologna.

AC Milan 

Having got 4th place in the standings after 34 rounds and 69 points won, it can be said that AC Milan is experiencing an acceptable season. Although not really stable in gameplay, bringing in many victories in the sprint phase of this season has helped the San Siro team maintain a high position in the standings.

And in the 35th round, AC Milan will have the opportunity to prove that it is correct when they will have to host the 3rd ranked Juventus team at home. Being unbeaten 2/3 of the last confrontation in all competitions, but not so that the San Siro team gives itself the right to be proud in this rematch because they understand that Juventus will become extremely scary in matches they need to win in order to compete for the Top 4.