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SerieATIM: Juventus vs Inter Milan

Juventus vs Inter Milan

Not only being dethroned in Serie A after 9 consecutive years of dominance, Juventus was also pushed into an extremely difficult situation in the top 4 race. Currently, after 36 rounds, Andrea Pirlo's teachers and students are ranked 5th. with 72 points, 1 point less than the 4th ranked team (Napoli). That also means Juventus no longer has the right to self-determination in the last two rounds.

Juventus vs Inter Milan

To have tickets to the Champions League next season, Juventus must win the remaining 2 matches and hope the competitors will stumble. The difficulty for Juventus is that in the match of the 37th round tonight, they have to meet the new king of Inter Milan. If they stumble, Pirlo's teachers and students may lose hope of racing in the top 4 when entering the final round. 

The untimely derby d'Italia put a lot of pressure on coach Andrea Pirlo. The 3-1 victory at Sassuolo in the previous round was not enough to bring optimism to Juventus. They welcomed Inter Milan with heavy mental pressure because they had to win to keep hope. It is even more difficult for Juventus when Inter Milan is showing very high form with 20 unbeaten matches in Serie A.

Inter Milan has broken Juventus' dominance in the Scudetto race and tonight, Conte's teachers and students have the opportunity to smash the Champions League hope of the Turin team. Basically, this is just a procedural match against Inter Milan. But this match carries a heavy element of honor. In the first leg, Conte's teachers and students defeated Juventus with a score of 2-0 at home.