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SerieATIM: Milan vs Cagliari

Milan vs Cagliari

Juventus' 3-2 victory over Inter Milan in the early round of the 37th round of the Italian league has put great pressure on AC Milan in the race to the top 4. Currently with 75 points after 36 rounds, the Rossoneri are ranked 3rd on the table, just 2 points more than the 5th place Napoli. However, the initiative is still in the hands of coach Stefano Pioli's teachers and students, as long as they win this match, everything will be back on track.

Milan vs Cagliari

And with the impressive form they have when they have won all three rounds, the goal of 3 points against an underdog like Cagliari is completely within AC Milan's ability, especially when they are playing on the field. home, where 2/3 of the last round was won, especially against the guest from Sardinia, also won the last 15 receptions.

However, it is still necessary to be cautious when Cagliari still has the same goal of relegation this season. Specifically, at the moment, with 36 points after 36 rounds, Semplici's teachers and students are in 16th place on the table and only 5 points higher than the group holding the red light. Notably, the performance of this island's representative is also very good.