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SerieATIM: Roma vs Lazio

Roma vs Lazio

Both still have goals to strive for, so tonight's derby in the Italian capital promises to be even more fierce and tense. Currently with 67 points after 35 rounds, Lazio is 6th in the rankings and 6 points behind the Top 4 but has played less than 1 match, so theoretically there is still hope to compete for the Champions League spot next season.

Roma vs Lazio

However, Lazio has definitely entered the Europa League by 9 points higher than AS Roma (seventh) and the neighboring team has only 2 matches left. Normally, as every year, Roma will be absent from the European arena next season if they are not in the Top 6, but from next season, UEFA created a new tournament called Europa Conference League and the team ranked 7th in Serie A. A will represent Italy in this tournament.

Currently, Roma is 2 points higher than the 8th team Sassuolo, so they cannot be assured. Lazio has a more impressive performance: won the last 3/4 rounds in Serie A. Everyone knows that Roma and Lazio share the same Olimpico stadium, so the field factor in this match is only relative. 

On the other side of the front line, coach Paulo Fonseca's teachers and students are showing a rather poor image: only won 1/6 of the last round (lost 4). The reason for this decline lies in the fact that Roma had to lose many pillars due to the injury storm.