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SerieATIM: Spezia vs Napoli

Spezia vs Napoli

In the previous round, Napoli had to divide points with Cagliari at home, thereby unable to enter the Top 4. At this time, the team a few years ago was a bright candidate for the 5th Serie A championship. BXH, 2 points behind AC Milan and 3 points behind Lazio, but playing more than 1 game.

Spezia vs Napoli

However, the overall performance of Napoli at the end of the season is quite good: unbeaten in the last 5 rounds in Italy's No. 1 league (won 3). Further, in the last 10 rounds, Napoli won 7 and lost only 1 match (on the field of a strong opponent that has just lost the throne for 9 years, Juventus). 

This round, Napoli will march to Spezia's field and experts believe that coach Gennaro Gattuso and his teachers will find the feeling of victory again because the opponent does not have the best performance. Spezia has not won in the last 4 consecutive matches. Wider they are only the triumph of the last 2/12 matches.

Without denying the last 6 home matches, Spezia is unbeaten (winning 3), in which they have excellent draw Inter Milan (the team that officially won the championship early) or beat AC Milan (ranked 4th). and the opposite side of Napoli only won 4 of the last 11 matches away from home (lost 6), but that is why Napoli still accepting 1 draw is considered high, showing great confidence for the visitors.