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Boxing: Ritson vs Ponce

Lewis Ritson vs Jeremias Ponce

Lewis Ritson is only one fight away from a world championship title fight in the super lightweight - tomorrow Saturday from 8:00 p.m. live on DAZN

Ritson vs Ponce

Lewis Ritson is only one fight away from fighting for a world title in the super lightweight, only Jeremias Ponce still stands in his way.  The Argentine is coming to England and is determined to build on the formidable form he showed in South America.

This will be Ritson's first fight since he controversially cheated past Miguel Vazquez last year and he'll have to improve significantly to get past Jeremias Ponce, which the Briton himself recently admitted to himself being his own father after his  last fight said.

"I didn't actually watch the fight on video later, but a few days later I went to my father and asked him if he saw the fight," said Ritson.  “He said yes and I asked him to be honest about what he thought.  He was honest and said we got the win, but we were very lucky and we made a decision that in this fight it was up to me whether I would keep boxing as before or whether I would really improve  got to."

“We did that, we went away and made a few changes in the last training camp.  It was just a clash of styles.  I think it was probably Vazquez ‘best performance in a couple of years and it was one of my worst, to be fair.  You live and you learn, there were maybe a few things I could have done differently in this fight.  I know that now and I and I will do a lot better this time. "

Here's everything you need to know about Lewis Ritson versus Jeremias Ponce.

 When does RITSON VS.  PONCE?
 Date: Saturday June 12th
 Time: 8:00 p.m.
 Main Event (approx.): 10:00 p.m.

 The Ritson vs. Ponce card will take place next Saturday and the live TV fights will begin at 8:00 p.m. German time.  Ring walks for the main event are expected at or shortly after 11 p.m., although, as always with live boxing, this depends on how long the undercard runs.