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Boxing: Youtubers vs Tiktokers

Youtubers vs Tiktokers

Boxing seems to have become the favorite sport for influencers from different parts of the world.  Despite not having the proper preparation or sufficient knowledge, various social media personalities organize events of this style that raise thousands of dollars to be able to beat themselves on a ring and thus be able to show who is stronger.  The most emblematic case is that of Logan Paul, the youtuber who this year will face nothing less than the retired Floyd Mayweather, one of the best fighters in history.

Youtubers vs Tiktokers

In the midst of this furor, the Battle of the Platforms will take place on June 12, a duel that will measure youtubers against tiktokers.  There will be seven from each side who will fight in the evening that will be transmitted by the PPV system and that hopes to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The main fight will star Americans Justin McBroom, 29, and Bryce Hall, 21.

McBroom is a basketball player who has been running a kind of YouTube reality for five years with his wife and daughters, so that through his channel his more than 19 million subscribers can know everything that happens to him and his family  .  To have a dimension of his reach, all of his videos have already exceeded 4.2 billion views.

Opposite will be Hall, who has 19.5 million followers on TikTok.  The young man is the creator of The Hype House, a community that united under one roof the main exponents of this social network who live in Los Angeles.  Several of them live in the house and they pass the time making jokes or games that once published go viral on social networks.

In the press conference prior to the big night of boxing, both young men fist beat each other and generated a pitched battle that was joined by several of the other influencers.  In the images of what happened, it is seen how Hall cannot stand a joke from McBroom and that is why he stands up from his chair and goes directly to attack him, while the rest of the opponents join the conflict, some to separate but others to fight.  Fortunately, there were no injuries.