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EC20: Finland 🇫🇮 vs Russia 🇷🇺

Finland vs Russia

Meeting between team Finland and their rivals Russia takes place within the framework of the European Championship championship at the Gazprom Arena stadium. 

Finland vs Russia

Date of the game: 16.06.2021 14:00 
Referee of this match Makkelie, Danny

Summary of previous meetings between Team Finland and Team Russia: 

The matchup between Team Finland and Team Russia on 10.06.2009 ended with the score 0: 3. 

The confrontation between the Russian team and the Finnish team on 15.10.2008 ended with the score of 3: 0. 

The confrontation between the team Russia and the team Finland on 15.11.1995 ended with the score 3: 1.
The reunion between Finland and Russia on 16.08.1995 ended with the score of 0: 6.

Participant statistics:

Team: Finland 
Coach: Kanerva, Markku

Team: Russia 
Coach: Stanislav Cherchesov