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NBA Conference Semifinals

NBA Conference Semifinals


There is only one quota to be defined and it will be announced this Sunday, June 6 in the Los Angeles Clippers duel against Dallas Mavericks, everything else is defined.  There will be a new champion after the elimination of the Los Angeles Lakers by the Phoenix Suns in the first round of the NBA playoffs.
NBA Conference Semifinals

In the Eastern Conference, the Philadelphia 76ers 4-1 to the Washington Wizards and the Brooklyn Nets defeated the Boston Celtics 4-1.  That is why both will reach the semifinals as favorites to play the final in the area.

Atlanta Hawks beat the New York Knicks 4-1 and the Milwaukee Bucks swept the Miami Heat 4-0.  Both closed their series well.

At Oete there were no surprises, the first three of the regular round advanced to the semifinals.  The Phoenix Suns left the Lakers in six games, the Utah Jazz took out the Memphis Grizzlies in five games and the Denver Nuggets needed five games to eliminate the Portland Trail Blazers.

Games Semifinals 

Eastern Conference

Brooklyn Nets vs.  Miwaukee bucks
Philadelphia 76ers vs.  Atlanta Hawks

Western Conference

Phoenix Suns vs.  Denver nuggets
Utah Jazz vs.  Los Angeles Clippers or Dallas Mavericks