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Tennis Game

The tennis is a sport played ball and racket between two players (singles) or between two pairs (doubles).

Tennis Game

It originated in Europe at the end of the 19th century and spread at first in the English-speaking countries, especially among its upper classes.

At present tennis has become universal, and is played in many countries of the world. Since 1926, with the creation of the first tour, it is a professional sport. It is also an Olympic sport since Seoul 1988 , since it had lost that category in Paris 1924.

Tennis was invented in 1873 by the British commander Walter Clopton Wingfield . Although Winfield claims to have designed the game, which he called sphairistiké (from the Greek, 'playing ball'), based on an ancient Greek game, many authorities think that he actually adapted the principles of jeu de paume, squash, and badminton for play outdoors. The early players preferred to call Wingfield's game 'lawn tennis' or simply tennis.

women-tennisThe first rules were published in 1888 (HS Schrivener and GW Hilyard) and are the ones that are still in effect today ( tie-break apart).

The difference between the initial way of playing and that of our days, allows the division into medieval age and modern age. The medieval age is equivalent to the time when players never strayed from the baseline, relaunching the ball in endless rallies and with frequent excessively high shots. The modern age began when, in 1881, W. Kenshaw gave way to the game of net, which allowed the ball to be hit on the fly before it touched the ground.

The first amateur (or amateur) championships were held at the All-England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, Wimbledon, Great Britain (male in 1877, female since 1884). Tennis began in Australia in 1880, in Melbourne, and in the last decade of the 19th century it was introduced in the British colonies around the world and in many other countries.

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) is the highest body in world tennis, whose main objective is to regulate, expand and take this sport to the whole world.

The ITF has an impact on competitions that range from the most prominent professional events such as the Olympic Games, Grand Slams, Davis Cup and Fed Cup, to entry level ones such as the Satellites and Futures tournaments corresponding to the ITF Men's and Women's Circuit , as well as events for juniors, veterans and wheelchairs.

In 1972 the Association of Professional Tennis Players (ATP) was created, with the intention of protecting and safeguarding the interests of all those male tennis players. One year later, women formalized the Association Women's Tennis (WTA) for the same purpose. In 1990, the association became the organizer of the world's premier tennis circuit, henceforth known as the ATP Tour .