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Boxing: Michael Coffie vs Jonnie Rice

Michael Coffie vs Jonnie Rice 


Michael Coffie (12-0-0, 9 knockout wins), who was 30 years old when he switched to the pros after an amateur career of only 11 fights, is playing tonight at the Prudential Center, Newark, New Jersey  , USA, its 13th professional fight as the main event of a FOX-PBC-Fight Night.

Michael Coffie vs Jonnie Rice

His intended opponent was actually Gerald Washington, but he had to cancel the fight due to a corona illness and now the new opponent is Jonnie Rice (13-6-1, (9 knockout victories).

"I've talked to a good friend about becoming a professional boxer in the past," said Coffie.  “He was always by my side from the start.  Me and he, we had this conversation.  I remember telling him that ideally I would fight my way through to get noticed by PBC so that I could fight on a PBC card.  And one day maybe I could be at a main event.  That wasn't something I was talking about for the near future.  It was intended for the long term.  But everything went much faster than I expected. "

Most things happened faster than Coffie had expected, given his advanced age.  The Orlando, Florida man still feels he has advantages over other heavyweights his age as he hasn't been burned out from decades in the sport and has put less stress on his body as he only has 23 fights along with his amateur and his own  Has completed professional fights.

"I enjoy it because I haven't boxed that long," said Coffie.  “So when I go to training camp, I still have a lot of fun and learn new things every time.  So I never go to work out and I feel like I know everything there is to learn.  I never get into an argument and say, 'I'm about to knock this guy out very quickly and then ask the next opponent.' I go into my fights and assume that they all go over the distance.  However, going the distance will be fun because I expect there will be a big battle, I expect blood to flow.  I want to please my fans with my fights. "